Who we are



Since 1991, Crossings Dance has remained committed to nurturing individuals of all ages and levels on their dance journeys, supported by accredited faculty. We have a legacy of providing high-quality technical and artistic training. Through our leadership in dance education and the integration of dance science, we focus on providing the necessary tools for our students to achieve their dance goals. Drawing from our Christian roots, Crossings Dance takes a holistic approach;  respecting the dignity, uniqueness and well-being of each person by creating an environment for personal growth (body, mind and spirit).

For 30 years Crossings has been and continues to be dedicated to excellence through best practices in:

  • Creating a positive and empowering learning environment where all ages and abilities are welcome.
  • Providing dance training by qualified, accredited and experienced teaching professionals.
  • Developing versatile dancers, prepared for the demands or professional dance training or higher education.
  • Research based supplementary training for dancers. 
  • Artistic development through performance opportunities and mentorship (Crossings Youth Dance Company)
  • Teacher training, education and mentorship (T.E.A.M.)
  • Integrating a holistic approach to dance training, developing the body, mind and spirit.
  • Recognizing safe dance practices as an essential element for ensuring optimal performance, longevity and injury prevention.

Class are offered in Ballet (IS.T.D. & R.A.D. syllabi), Modern (Limon-based & I.S.T.D.), Contemporary, Jazz, Tap and Acro along with specifically designed supplemental training and enrichment classes.


Did you know . . .

  • Crossings was the first dance school in Canada to be an intersection of art and faith.  Many said we would never survive!  
  • During this time we have weathered 2 recessions and a global pandemic.
  • We founded Corps Bara Dance Theatre and Crossings Youth Dance Company.
  • We have sent dancers around the world for education, training & performance.
  • We have leveraged many professional dance careers. 
  • We have been and continue to be leaders in the integration of healthy dance practises. 
  • Being a non-competitive school, we have flown under the radar - doing dance differently.  
  • Many of our faculty have been with us for 25+years and are renown dance educators and creators! 
  • Our inspiring team hold many certifications, RAD teacher qualifications,  ISTD Associates & Fellowships, and BA, BFA, MA & MSC in Dance.
  • Three of our faculty are on the board of Healthy Dancer Canada, two are researchers in the field of dance science and medicine, 
  • Did you know that Karen founded Christian Dance Fellowship of Canada?! 
  • Crossings was founded on the integration of faith & dance and with the values of COMMUNITY, INTEGRITY, and EXCELLENCE. These values root us in a deep history and guide our vision for the future. 
  • Crossings is the people, the community, the students, the parents, the teachers, our challenges, and our successes. 
  • Crossings is about more than just dance. 

Our logo

Crossings is about more than just great dancing. It is about your child finding a place to grow, to fulfill their dance dreams, and to be nurtured in a community that respects the whole person (body, mind and spirit). A community committed to innovation in dance training and passionate about enriching your child’s dance experience.

We have always been, and will continue to be, a place of intersection between: faith and art, tradition and innovation, and technique and artistry. Today we are also recognized for influencing teacher education, mentoring future dance artists and integrating strength and conditioning to develop healthy and whole dancers.

Our logo draws from art history. The circle and intersecting threads represent unity, wholeness, infinity and God. The lines in our logo carry forward this theme and represent movement, dance,  intersections and the interactions of the community at Crossings Dance. The cross at the centre represents our roots as a faith-based dance school and our mission to nurture the whole dancer.