My name is Whitney Monson, and I have been a part of the Crossings family for over 25 years. This year I had the opportunity to send my 3 year old daughter, Zayah, to her very first dance class! And there is no place I’d rather send her than Crossings! For me, Crossings has been a positive grounding force in my life and the place I have met many of my closest friends! My love for dance that was ignited at Crossings so many years ago, has remained with me to this day! So this last year I came back to Crossings for Adult Tap and this coming fall both Zayah and I will be in the studio dancing! It has been more fun than I could have imagined to see this come full circle!!

    My very first class was with Miss. Karen in the old church on McLeod Trail, and this is where I fell in love with the art form. At Crossings I have been nurtured wholly - as a dancer in my techniques, as a performer in choreographies, as a friend in community, and as a human being in the ups and downs of life. I have always had FUN in my classes here, and I continue to have fun as I explore a new skill in Adult Tap. It is with full confidence and trust that I send Zayah into her class as I know the teachers and the school well from a lifetime spent here. 

    I highly recommend Crossings for any person, young or old! I’m always HOME here and would love for you to experience the joy and community that both Zayah and I have gained!


    Fun fact: my first teacher was Miss Karen, and now her daughter, Miss Ainsley is Zayah’s first teacher!! Once again - full circle!


    For 13 years I danced at Crossings. Since age 4, my teachers helped me to not only grow as a dancer but also as a person, teacher and choreographer. Being in a studio with Christian roots allowed me the opportunity to incorporate worship into my dancing, share the God-given gift of dance, and serve others through it. All of the teachers are very supportive and encouraging of every students, helping each one to thrive based on his/her uniqueness. Ms. Karen Sudds is constantly researching and incorporating new methodologies to prevent injury and improve strength of her dancers. Crossings is truly a family where you make connections that last a life time. It is a beautiful community that shaped and prepared me to be where I am today. Thank you Crossings for everything! 

    Janine is currently training at Storling Dance Threatre's ADP program in Kansas CIty. 

  • beth durnie

    Crossings has been one of the most influential aspects of my life, as a dancer and as a person. The incredible amount of generosity, integrity and willingness to grow displayed by each of the Crossings staff is unmatched. While I was only a full time student at the studio for two years, we have continued to develop that relationship and Crossings will forever be a place of guidance, acceptance and friends. Through the years I have learned so much and been encouraged to explore any facet of dance that interests me. Crossings has broadened my scope of how to continually incorporate dance into my life and I could not be more grateful for all they have done and all they represent! 

    Beth is currently a part of the Performance Research Project under the mentorship of Lesley Telford and am dancing as a guest artist with Ballet BC for their production of Romeo + Juliet, which will tour Canada, the US and Sydney, Australia. 

  • caitlin & janelle unrau

    CAITLIN - 

    I attended Crossings from age 4 to 18. Their talented and caring teachers nurtured me throughout my entire life. They gently taught discipline to a young me who had a very short attention span and so much energy. From a young age, they fostered proper technique in ballet and modern. I not only learned all about anatomy and proper care for my body throughout it all, but also found Crossings to be a safe space where I could be myself and build relationships. I have lifelong friendships that were built at Crossings. I am so grateful for everything Crossings provided me.

    Caitlin is in her fourth year of a double major in Kinesiology and Dance at the U of C, partially due to the incredible coaching, support and inspiration given to me at Crossings.

    JANELLE - 

    I’ve grown up with the Crossings family since I was 2, always getting distracted with my big amount of energy! At Crossings I’ve learn how to cooperate with others, work well in a team, and work out issues. With the support of the teachers I've learned discipline and responsibility. Crossings has also helped me to become more aware of myself and who I am. All the teachers care about each individual dancer. I have always felt valued and comfortable within Crossings and I've been continually encouraged to be myself and to grow in every way I can. 

    The friendships I've made at Crossings are for life! Especially my friend Kaylee, who I’ve danced with for 14 years! She has been my rock through thick and thin. 

    Crossings is not just a place you go and learn how to dance, it's a second family you grow with. Dance has always been an emotional and spiritual outlet for me, keeping me active and healthy throughout school. Crossings has really helped with my Faith as well by worshiping through movement and encouraging us to be open about our Faith. I would not be the person I am today without the continual support and love from the Crossings family!

    Janelle has joined us this year as an accompanist for Miss. Shea's ballet class! 

  • Adult Ballet

    Dear Friends at Crossings,
    Thank you for running Adult Ballet with Miss Shea. I have been a stay-at-home mom and homeschooler for 25 years. Hands down, adult ballet has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I have given myself. It is a relaxing, playful, non-stress activity that gives me an opportunity to become stronger physically, and it reminds me of the importance of self-care. In class, I find myself smiling and laughing, as I am having such a good time. On a practical level, my core is getting stronger, and I find myself reviewing my steps at home, which is good for my memory and my balance. I enjoy being led by Miss Shea who is an excellent educator, who both challenges her students, as well as, keeping us safe from injury. I also enjoy the company of the other ladies, and I don’t feel self-conscious around them as we are all learning together. It is a safe, non-competitive environment. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who need more play in their life, as well as, exercise. I’ll be back for class in January!
    I wouldn't miss it for the world!

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