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Our Vocational program strives to enhance each individual dancer's training and performance from pre-intermediate Ballet through pre-professional. Weekly Ballet classes include both Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (I.S.T.D.) and Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.) methods of Ballet training. Students who wish to learn classical repertoire and enhance their pointe work are encouraged to participate in our Variations class, which provides dancers a glimpse into the professional world of Ballet. Our Modern (and Contemporary) classes are a key component of the Vocational Program. Students explore foundational Modern and Contemporary dance techniques including: Limón, Horton, Graham and Release. As well, Vocational students are introduced to improvisation, choreography methods and mentorship, modern dance history and human anatomy.

Research has repeatedly shown that dance training alone does not provide the required strength, power, speed and endurance necessary for dancers. Injuries are reduced and performance increases when dancers engage in regular strength/resistance training. At Crossings we offer a cutting edge, dance specific Strength & Conditioning class in order for our students to establish a foundation of strength and endurance on which to further build technique and artistry. This class is available for dancers in our Child and Youth Program and Vocational Program.

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    I.S.T.D. & R.A.D. (Intermediate to Preprofessional)

    Our comprehensive program uses both the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (I.S.T.D.) and the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.) methods of Ballet training to provide the student with a solid understanding of classical technique. Ballet exams are offered for students who are deemed ready by their instructor, and additional classes are required in preparation for examinations.


    I.S.T.D. Modern (Limon and Horton based) & Contemporary

    Aspects of Modern dance include use of the torso, space, weight and the development of a strong grounded sense of movement. Students will explore the many styles of Modern dance (Limon, Horton, Graham and Release) as well as Contemporary dance techniques and exploration.

    *A base of ballet technique is required. Vocational level Modern classes run twice a week.


    Vocational Contemporary Acro is designed to condition and equip dancers for the athletic and acrobatic demands of current contemporary trends. Drawing from the Acrobatic Arts syllabus, as well as principles from gymnastics, Capeoria, and the Ido Portal method, dancers will work through specified strength and flexibility training, floor work, hand-balancing and inversions, tumbling integrations, bridge work and limbering, improvisational structures, and partner work. 

    *Skills will be broken down into variations appropriate to each individual's current ability. 

    *Enrolment in another Vocational technique class is a co-requisite for this class. 

  • variations

    Variations class is for Vocational 4 dancers who wish to learn classical repertoire and enhance their pointe work. It provides dancers with a glimpse into the professional world of Ballet. 

     *Vocational 4 Ballet is a co-requisite for Variations class. 


    Would you like to improve your dance performance, dance longer, and dance stronger?  This class will help dancers discover solutions for a healthy, life-long dance experience.  It is designed to provide a wide variety of dance conditioning methods to address strength, power, agility, balance, flexibility, and recovery, along with mental skills training to improve learning and performance.  Our goal is to equip young dancers with the necessary tools to live a vibrant and healthy physical and emotional life inside and outside the dance studio.