virtual studio

We are thrilled to be able to continue our regular class schedule via an ONLINE PLATFORM, providing you and your children with access to dance & fitness classes, resources, music, recital choreography, your weekly dance classes and more! Our goal is to keep your child engaged with their friends and teachers, benefiting from the physical and emotional benefits of dance and exercise, and remain excited about the future! 


We will be LIVE STREAMING our existing dance class schedule until we are able to resume in person classes at the studio. This will be a live and interactive private video (ZOOM) between your children and their teachers, a dance class but at home! Your class links can be found in your email or Parent Portal. We understand this will be a different experience and a short-term solution however, we believe that maintaining consistency is important for our students. Teachers will be scaling their classes to be performed in smaller spaces (ie: your living room, kitchen, hallway…).  


Our *temporary* Virtual Studio begins Friday, April 30th.

Your regular scheduled dance class will be moving ONLINE to our VIRTUAL STUDIO for the time being. 

Dancers will join their classmates and teachers via ZOOM for class! 

Find out what to expect, how to prepare and steps for accessing your ZOOM links in your Google Classroom below . . .

What to expect:

  • Your regular dance class, but at home!
  • Your teacher and classmates will be present! 
  • Class work, recital choreography and more! 
  • Fun fun fun!!!

How to prepare:

  • Find and/or clear a space in your house (or outside when it warms up) where you can move!
  • Set up your computer, phone or Ipad (with video) which will link into our ZOOM class. Be sure it is somewhere that allows you to see your teacher & classmates, and for them to see you.
  • Remove all distractions! This includes your family, pets and electronics. We want to create a dance environment that allows you to focus and give your all!
  • Dress in your required dance attire & hair.

What do bring:

  • Have a water bottle or cup nearby.
  • Appropriate dance foot ware.
  • Notebook and pen.

Dance is an important part of your child’s life, health, and well-being and we are dedicated to continuing to provide excellent (and innovative) 

training for them. We are excited about the opportunity this experience is providing for us to live into our


Crossings is and always has been about more than just great dancing!

We hope you will use the resources there to keep not only your dancer, but the whole family MOVING!