virtual studio

We are thrilled to be able to continue our regular class schedule via an ONLINE PLATFORM, providing you and your children with access to dance & fitness classes, resources, music, recital choreography, your weekly dance classes and more! Our goal is to keep your child engaged with their friends and teachers, benefiting from the physical and emotional benefits of dance and exercise, and remain excited about the future! 


Zoom is reserved for students who will be participating in class from home due to illness or isolation. Students who attend class via Zoom are asked to participate fully. If students are too unwell to participate, we have created a fun and interactive worksheet for them to complete as they observe class. If students are so unwell that they are not able to either participate fully or observe and complete the worksheet, then we recommend they take the time to rest and recover. Our goal is to minimize the use of Zoom to build consistency and encourage connect through in-person classes.

Visit our HEALTH & SAFETY page for updated protocols and to complete your Screening Questionnaire.

Access your Parent Portal here. 

Access our Virtual Studio page here. 

Dance is an important part of your child’s life, health, and well-being and we are dedicated to continuing to provide excellent (and innovative) 

training for them. We are excited about the opportunity this experience is providing for us to live into our


Crossings is and always has been about more than just great dancing!

We hope you will use the resources there to keep not only your dancer, but the whole family MOVING!