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year end recital


We know that performing is the highlight of our students year and we are working on solutions to ensure they can perform with their friends on stage as soon as possible. We are currently in discussion with the venue for alternative dates and are coming up with additional options if necessary. We understand this is an important celebration for our students and families and are doing everything we can to ensure Crossings dancers will have an opportunity to perform.  What a celebration that will be!                                       


* Plan A - we have postponed our May recital and rescheduled it to June 22/23. Should we not be able to return to classes by this time or gather in large groups, we will go into Plan B.                    

* Plan B – we postpone the recital to early Fall 2020, so we have an AMAZING 30th year with 2 full recitals, one in the Fall and one in the Spring.                                                                                        

All students should continue practicing their recital dances so that we are ready to perform when we return. Costumes are arriving weekly and we are continuing to prepare so that we are ready when given the okay!


We are working on a few options and creative solutions such as filming all of the dances and creating a full-length dance video. More information will be coming! 

Stay tuned for more details!


& dress rehearsal details

To download the correct Recital Newsletter, you just need to know what class you're in!

  • REHEARSAL A (&d)

    Rehearsal A (&D) includes:

    • Ballet & Jazz/Modern 6 students
    • Vocational 1 students
    • Vocational 2/3 students
    • Vocational 4 students

    Rehearsal B includes:

    • Preprimary Ballet/Jazz (Wednesday) students  - Miss. Kirsten
    • Primary Ballet students  - Miss. Kristen
    • Ballet 1 students  - Miss. Kristen
    • Intro Jazz students  - Miss. Ainsley
    • Intro Tap students - Miss. Emily

    Rehearsal C includes:

    • Ballet 2
    • Ballet 3
    • Ballet 4
    • Ballet 5
    • Jazz/Modern 2
    • Jazz/Modern 3 (*Also in Rehearsal D)
    • Jazz/Modern 4   
    • Jazz/Modern 5
    • Acro        
    • Tap ½
    • Tap ¾
    • CYDC Junior   
    • Adult Tap    


    Rehearsal D includes:

    • Tiny Toes (Wed am) – Miss. Rae-Lee
    • Tiny Toes (Wed pm) – Miss. Kristen
    • Tiny Toes (Sat) – Miss. Emily
    • Grade 3 Modern/Jazz (*Also in Rehearsal C) 
    • Grade 6 Modern/Jazz (*Also in Rehearsal A) 
    • Vocational 1 Modern/Jazz (*Also in Rehearsal A) 
    • Vocational 2/3/4 Modern/Jazz (*Also in Rehearsal A)