crossings youth dance company



Light of mine, let it shine. 

February 9th & 10th, 2018


Decidedly Jazz Danceworks

(111 - 12th Ave SE)

LIT is inspired by the the imagery of how we are called to be the carriers of Christ's light - illuminating dark places and striving to spread Christ's light brightly wherever we go. The dancers explore themes such as: what does it mean to hide your light; what happens when we go through times of darkness; how can we keep our light burning; and what does it take to have the endurance to be the only light in a dark place? 

This contemporary dance performance proudly highlights Crossings Youth Dance Company's thirty-nine dancers (ages 9-19yrs) and nine local, national and international choreographers including: Erin O'Loughlin (Montreal), Shelby Kelly (Austin, Texas), Kyrsten Blair (Calgary), Deanna Witwer (Calgary), Laura Barcelo (Calgary), Chantal Gandar (Calgary), Jessalyn Britton (Calgary), Alessandra Enns (Calgary) and Kristen Eisler (Calgary).

Don't miss this inspiring performance! People of all ages and walks of life will be inspired by the message and energy these young dancers have to share. We encourage you to invite your friends and spread the light!