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performances & Recitals



Download your Recital Newsletter here or continue reading below. 

Saturday, June 6th, 2020

*Deadline for Recital & Finale Dance Video Submissions

Our Virtual Year End Recital 2020 is fast approaching! All Crossings students have been working hard learning their Recital Choreography and Finale Dance. As we near the time when you will film and submit your dance(s), we want to make sure you have all of the information needed to fulfill this task with confidence! Please read through this email and attachments in their entirety, as they outline all necessary information, details and important dates for the coming weeks. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

During the week of June 1 – 6 please film your dancer performing their Recital Dance(s) and Finale Dance, then upload the video(s) to Google Classroom by June 6. We have outlined below and attached all necessary information you will need for this Virtual Recital process.


If you have not already access your Google Classroom(s) we strongly encourage you to do so before June 6. You will upload your Recital Dance, Finale Dance and any practice videos here, so it is important that you access it ahead of time.


Attached to the Recital Newsletter email you received is a handout that outlines all necessary information regarding your child’s Recital Dance (by class), including hair style, stage (video) makeup, costume pieces and footwear. It also gives detailed information about how and where to film your dance, and how to upload your video when you are ready (by June 6th). If you did not receive this handout, please contact us or visit you Google Classroom, here it is available for download. 

  • Recital dance music – Your Recital Dance music can be found in your Google Classroom (per class).
  • Filming your dance – Information about filming your Recital Dance can be found below. 
  • Uploading your Recital Dance – Please upload your Recital Dance video (by June 6) in your Google Classroom > Classwork > RECITAL DANCE VIDEO SUBMISSION (by class).


Each year we end our Recital with a full school Finale Dance, where all students come on stage for one final bow! This is a favorite moment for many of our students, so we must have it in our Virtual Recital! Students have been learning and practicing the FINALE 2020 Dance in their weekly classes; however, we do ask that along with practicing their Recital Dance(s) at home, they also practice the Finale Dance so that they are confident when it comes time to film! During our Dress Rehearsal week (May 25 – 30) we will be recording class bows via ZOOM in each dance class, so please don’t miss this week of classes! Once all videos have been submitted, we will compile them into one GIANT Finale!

  • Finale video (for learning/practice) - Our amazing faculty have created a video for learning the dance, which can be found in your Google Classroom, below or on here. 
  • Filming the Finale – Please film the Finale Dance landscape (horizontal), with a simple background, adequate lighting and at an appropriate distance so that the dancer’s entire body visible. These are the same filming instructions as your Recital Dance, so please refer to your Handout (attached) for specific details.
  • Finale Music – Finale music was sent to you via email and can be found in your Google Classroom. If you are using the full unedited version of Take On The World, please play from 1:14 onward. However, we have included the cut version in your Classroom, which has been edited and can be played in its entirety. When filming the Finale, please play the music from a separate device as that which you are filming with.
  • Siblings/Parents – Crossings dancers who have siblings or parents who also dance, you are welcome to film your Finale video together! Parents of young children, you are also welcome to participate with your child! Maybe make it a family activity!!
  • Finale Costume – Please wear plain black or denim bottoms and either a plain bright coloured t-shirt or a Crossings t-shirt.
  • Uploading your Finale dance – Please upload your Finale Dance video (by June 6) in your Google Classroom > Classwork > FINALE DANCE VIDEO SUBMISSION.


  • We have scheduled the week of filming to take place June 1-6, 2020. Or course, you are welcome to film ahead of time if your dancer and teacher feel ready.
  • Please find a simple background (ie. fence, plain wall, field etc)
  • Be advised that some teachers/classes may have decided on set locations to film.
  • Safety first! Wherever you choose or your teacher requests you film, please be aware of your surroundings and wear appropriate footwear.
  • Be sure you have adequate lighting.
  • Please film your Recital Dance/Dancer on the landscape/horizontal setting.
  • Hold the camera as still as possible, preferably stationary.
  • Please film dancers individually (one at a time).
  • Please film at an appropriate distance that allows for your dancers to remain in the picture for the entire dance. But not too far away that we miss their beautiful expression.
  • We recommend you mark out the space and practice prior to filming to ensure the dancer is seen the entire time.
  • Filming can be done on your Phone, Video Camera or Camera – whichever has the best quality!
  • Please play the Recital Music from a separate device as that which you are filming with.


  • Please UPLOAD your Recital Dance video(s) and Finale Video by Saturday June 6, 2020
  • Title your video: CLASS NAME, STUDENT NAME, TEACHER  (ex. Pre Junior 2 Jazz/Modern, Suzy Smith, Miss. Ainsley)
  • Videos are to be uploaded to your dancers Google Classroom > Classwork > Assignments > RECITAL DANCE (assigned per class) OR Google Classroom Classwork > Assignments > FINALE DANCE

Once all the Recital videos are summitted, these solo performances will be edited along with their classmates’ videos to create their class dance and then compiled into a full-length studio Virtual Year End Recital. This process will take quite a bit of time, but we hope to be able to release the full-length video to you by the end of July.

We are excited to highlight the progress of our students and celebrate this unbelievable year! Each student will have an opportunity to not only shine, but star in this production and it will be quite a keepsake for years to come! Thank you for joining us on this virtual journey and for supporting your dancers as they bring their passion to the screen!