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Hello CYDC dancers and families! Welcome to your NEW Company Page!

Please find your Full Company Schedule and Performance Schedule below.

COVID-19 and CYDC . . .

During this time we are considering CYDC a cohort. For our purposes, we are following AHS's guidelines for Live Music, Dance and Theatre. A cohort is defined as a closed, small group of no more than 50 individuals who participate in the same activity, and remain together for the duration of Stage 2. As much as possible we will remain physically distant. As a cohort they may change formations and pass by each other. If contact between dancers is unavoidable they will perform hand hygiene and wear their masks during rehearsal. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please contact Miss. Kristen. 



Download your 2020/21 Performance Schedule here.


Please contact Artistic Director, Miss. Kristen for any CYDC related questions.