Since 1991, Crossings Dance has been committed to nurturing individuals of all ages and levels on their dance journeys, supported by our accredited faculty. Crossings Dance has a legacy of technical and artistic training and as a leader in the integration of dance science, we develop healthy dancers. Drawing from our Christian roots, Crossings Dance takes a holistic approach; respecting the dignity and uniqueness of each person by creating an environment for personal growth (body, mind and spirit).

For 27 years Crossings has been and continues to be dedicated to excellence through best practices in:

  • Creating a positive and empowering learning environment where all ages and abilities are welcome.
  • Providing dance training by qualified, accredited and experienced teaching professionals.
  • Developing versatile dancers, prepared for the demands or professional dance training or higher education.
  • Research based supplementary training for dancers. 
  • Artistic development through performance opportunities and mentorship (Crossings Youth Dance Company)
  • Teacher training, education and mentorship (T.E.A.M)
  • Integrating a holistic approach to dance training - Developing the BODY, MIND & SPIRIT
  • Recognizing safe dance practices as an essential element for ensuring optimal performance, longevity and injury prevention.

Class are offered in Ballet (IS.T.D & R.A.D syllabi), Modern (Limon-based & I.S.T.D), Contemporary, Jazz, Tap and Acro along with specifically designed supplemental training and enrichment classes.