crossings youth dance company


This season our production is inspired by the idea that we are called to be the carriers of Christ's light – illuminating light in dark places and striving to spread Christ’s light brightly wherever we go. Our dancers explore themes such as: God is the light; wrestling with the urge to hide this light; the experience of going through times of darkness and feeling that Christ’s light is no where to be found; the continual reminder that darkness can not stand against Christ’s light; light does not fear darkness, light always overcomes darkness; what does it mean to and how can we spread Christ’s light; how can we be a light in a dark place; what happens when you are the light in an already lit place; how can we as carriers of the light keep each others lights burning? 

This performance premieres February 9 - 10, 2018 at Decidedly Jazz Danceworks Theatre. 

Show times and ticket information will be available soon. 

Stay tuned!